The idea of a greenhouse can seem daunting at first due to the various types of infrastructures, heating systems, and maintenance involved. Although the options can feel overwhelming and appear costly, there are many benefits to having a greenhouse in your backyard. 

A greenhouse plays an important role in the gardening world because it has the ability to provide a stable and warm environment for plants regardless of the season. The greenhouse structure prevents the release of thermal energy from the building and uses the sunlight that passes through the glass walls to heat up the ground and radiates heat through the air. Rather than waiting for plants such as peppers or zucchini to come into season, gardeners with access to a greenhouse can plant them year-round. In addition to providing shelter from the cold air of winter, greenhouses also prevent the intrusion of pests. Continue reading below for a full breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of having a greenhouse!


  • You are able to enjoy fresh vegetables, fruit, and flowers all year long. 
  • You are able to grow plants that thrive in other climates including exotic flowers or tropical fruits.
  • The enclosed space will prevent insects, rodents and other animals from damaging crops.
  • A quality greenhouse will add beauty and visual appeal to your property.
  • Out-of-season produce comes in high demand and these vegetables can be sold for profit in certain markets.
  • You can grow fresh fruits and vegetables without worrying about pesticide residue that is found on grocery store produce.


  • A greenhouse can be expensive to build due to the costs of electrical and water bills.
  • Both the structure and plants require constant monitoring, maintenance, and care.
  • The humid greenhouse conditions that allow plants to thrive also contributes to plant diseases.
  •  Greenhouse fans, which circulate air and keep foliage dry, don't generally create enough wind for pollination. 
  • A greenhouse will produce too much heat during the summer if it is not regulated correctly and this can lead to plant death. 
  • Each type of plant has an ideal growing temperature which means you may not be able to grow a variety of plants in the same greenhouse. 

Having gone over the benefits and challenges to owning a greenhouse, do you think you will invest? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for another blog post about the different types of greenhouses!

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