RG Meets: Flower Crown Society

fcwIntroducing RG Meets: An interview series that delivers a 360 view inside innovative brands & individuals that are sure to inspire /// Last week we got the chance to chat with talented owner + designer of  Flower Crown SocietyAllison Rhee, who gave us the scoop on her blooming Etsy shop & brand.

Allison began her journey in May 2013 with a small shop + an emerging idea of providing stunning floral crowns at an affordable price. Each piece is lovingly handcrafted and encompasses the free spirit of her design mantra. Lately, she's been leaving beautiful bouquets of flowers for strangers; which is admiring & inspiring,  as well as having a giveaway.  Which means you could  win a crown of your own by entering

With an amazing knack for  floral design, detail, & super cute packaging, how can you not be obsessed?!

 interview_flowercsociety interview_flowercsociety2 interview_flowercsociety3 interview_flowercsociety4 interview_flowercsociety5 interview_flowercsociety6

Hope you enjoyed a peek into the world of  Flower Crown Society, & get inspired!