#RG at Home Design Archives: Sara Andréasson

For our October edition of RG at Home: Design Archives, we sit down with one of our very favorite clients: bi-coastal PR agency Michele Marie PR co-founder Sara Andréasson as she gives us a sneak peek and shares the personal details that bring her home to life.

Sara with her adorable pups.

Sara with her adorable pups.

Our chat with Sara:

How did you end up finding Rolling Greens? What do you like about it?

Your store on Beverly Blvd. is on my way to work, so I would pass by it every day and just wonder what was going on in there. One day, I just decided to stop in, and it's become my happy place. If I'm ever having a bad day, or if I need a break from life, I go in.


A lot of people say that about our store—they just happen upon their happy place here. 

Yeah, I'm there... probably... twice a week, maybe more during the holidays. You've curated such an incredible space and store; it's so inviting, and the staff is incredible. It's always so fun to come in, whether you're buying things or just getting inspiration or taking a class. You just always feel better after you leave. 

Thank you! How many workshops have you done?

I've only done one, a Take Root Seminar last year. It was right before Thanksgiving, and we created a beautiful tablescape for a holiday table. I took the class with my business partner, and we both took away so much from it. I went to her house shortly after that class, and she had recreated that entire scene at home.

Did you do Thanksgiving there?

We did, and I did Christmas here. We do a big party every year, and my family came and we hosted Christmas dinner here. I tried to recreate that tablescape as well, but I think hers was better executed.

Your house is so beautiful. Can you tell us a little bit about its history?

It's a Spanish-style house from 1923. The house is a little smaller, because we do like to entertain, but we really bought the house for the property. It's pretty special, driving up and seeing the Hollywood sign and Griffith Observatory. It's also really quiet, which is rare to find in a city. Our neighbors are incredible, and it's a great place to have dogs. 

You have such an amazing eye and such an innate sense of style. How do you identify the pieces that will work in your home when you come to the store? 

I feel like I learned from you—setting up rooms, and even just little corners. I take pictures of spaces in my home and [look at them in the store] and try to either recreate what you've done or use what I have or add a little something else. 

Sara’s guest room featuring our indigo lumbar pillow and side table arrangement.

Sara’s guest room featuring our indigo lumbar pillow and side table arrangement.

Sara’s living room.

Sara’s living room.

What's your favorite room in the home?

I love this room we're sitting in [the living room], with the art and all the windows, and I put my big Christmas tree here; and I set up another one for my dogs. 

I'm also loving my bedroom right now—we just got two new pieces by my friend Jessica Tingley, a wildlife photographer. They're photos of two lions, and we're both Leos. I gave them to my husband on his fortieth birthday a few weeks ago. My husband Jesper and I are both huge animal lovers, and we try to save as many of them as we can. Those are special pieces that have a big connection to both of us.

So, outside, you have lemon trees—

Yes, and I love a vodka soda, so we have lime trees, too! [laughs] We also have grapefruits, and a vegetable garden—tomatoes, eggplant. 

Do the dogs get to the vegetables?

No, the dogs don't get in the garden, but we do have squirrels. But it helps to plant marigold around the edges to keep everything out. 

What a great tip! So many of our customers tell us that their plants get eaten by possums or squirrels.

We're able to grow strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs, eggplants. When we moved in, we had to remove all of the previous landscaping, including a huge rose garden because our dog is deathly allergic to bees. We worked with our landscape architect, Anton Prack, to plant things that don't attract so many bees. And coyote-proof it all!

Pillows from our Summer collection match Sara’s outdoor style perfectly.

Pillows from our Summer collection match Sara’s outdoor style perfectly.

All items from our store on Beverly Blvd.

All items from our store on Beverly Blvd.

Where does your love for flowers and plants come from?

I grew up in Temecula [California], in kind of the middle of nowhere, and my parents have ten acres of land and rescue animals. I always loved plants and flowers and grew up around that. I'm not great at cooking or other things around the house, but I can be creative with flowers; I've always loved going to the flower mart and seeing all of the possibilities. It really warms up a house. I see you're doing incredible faux arrangements as well. We have a mixture here in the house. 

That's why you can't tell the difference between the real ones and faux ones! ... The outside is unbelievable. Living in LA, it's so amazing to have outdoor space like this. 

It is. My husband is Swedish, and he moved here three weeks before we got married. This is iconic LA living; it's what people dream about. Driving home, I see people stopping to take pictures of the Hollywood sign, and it's cool to feel like you're a part of that. 

Thanks for joining us! Check in next month for another RG at Home feature!

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