Q&A with Marloe Founder Analisa Jimenez

Have we mentioned how much we love getting to collaborate with local creatives + makers? We're surrounded by such artistic people in the Los Angeles community, and one of our favorite ways to collaborate with our creative friends is to host a learn + grow workshop together. We're especially excited for September's workshop, where we'll be sharing how to make a unique Hanging Leather Plant Duo with MARLOE founder Analisa Jimenez!

Marloe is "the perfect marriage of simplistic, timeless designs and durable, functional leather goods." Handmade in Long Beach, CA, each bag is beautifully minimalist and we can't lie, we want one for every day of the week. We think Marloe leather and Analisa's skills are going to pair perfectly with Rolling Greens vessels and plants, and we can't wait to see all of our workshop guests' pieces!

We will also be hosting a fun Marloe pop-up shop at our Beverly location on September 11th before and during the workshop! The pop up starts at 11:00am and concludes at close, 6:00pm. Analisa will be selling her amazing handbags and leather goods as well as some planters so that everyone can shop her product throughout the day, too! Check out the Marloe Instagram in the meantime and get ready to shop! 

We're so inspired by the Marloe aesthetic, and wanted to share a little more about Analisa and her process with you. Read on to learn more in a fun Q&A!

Photo by  Raychel Walton

Q: What is your design process? Where do you find inspiration?

A: There isn't a concrete way that I go about designing. Every time is different. Sometimes I get inspiration from vintage bags and wonder, "how can I make that modern and my own?" Other times, its a design that I conjure up in my head. I try to let it happen naturally, I feel that that works for me in my design process. 

Once I have a design or a sketch ready, I do seek inspiration for colors or textures of the design from pretty much anywhere the inspiration hits me. It could be a classic film, magazine, nature, or even looking through Pinterest, yes, I do sometime use Pinterest for inspiration! It can pretty much come from anywhere. 

Q: How do you go about sourcing materials for ethically crafted goods?

A: All of our hides and hardware come from a small, family owned and operated leather supply company in Los Angeles. We try to source as much as we can locally to help other small businesses grow. All of our designs are hand cut, prepped and sewed in house at our studio. Some of our designs are even hand stitched for precision and detail. 

We manufacture our designs in small batches to ensure quality. In making our design we use as much of a hide as we can which is why you will find that a lot of our styles are made with the same type of leather. We don't think of extra leather as "scrap". Nothing goes to waste!

Q: How would you describe your design aesthetic?

A: I would say that Marloe is a reflection of my personal style or at least what I would like it to be. Marloe is minimal and classic. I love designing simple, constructed looks but I also enjoy designing versatile and functional pieces from soft leathers. Our designs are made for everyday use. We want it to be the comfiest bag that you resist switching it out for months! The key factor in my designs is creating a piece that can be carried on through ever changing and evolving styles or trends.  

Photo by  Raychel Walton

Q: When did you first hear about Rolling Greens? 

A: I first heard of Rolling Greens from Angela, who is a long time design expert (as I would say) at Rolling Greens. She was one of my instructors at design school and offered me an internship at the store. I gladly accepted and came to Rolling Greens as an intern to help merchandise the store. 

Which is why it's so surreal to be invited back as a business owner and designer. Not to mention being given the honor to teach a workshop!

Q: We're so excited to collaborate on our upcoming learn + grow workshop! How would you describe the relationship between Marloe goods and Rolling Greens greenery?

A: I am very excited to teach this workshop! I obviously work with leather everyday and its something I love so much and to be able to share that is amazing. 

What's more "green" than using leftover leather for hanging plants?! I think that people are realizing, now more than ever, that we have got to start doing more to help prolong the life of planet, and re-purposing what we can. These planters are a beautiful way to re-purpose leather and bring greens plants into your home! I think our workshop students will enjoy seeing their plants grown over time using a long lasting planter that they made themselves!

Photo by  Raychel Walton

Thanks to Analisa for sharing more about your artistic process with us! Make sure to sign up now for our upcoming workshop on Sunday, September 11th while spaces are left!