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Whether this is your first year of gardening or you are a veteran, there is always something new to learn. While each type of plant you are nurturing may have specific needs, we have created a generic list of gardening tips that are universal to all types of plants. Continue reading below for planting 101 tips + tricks! 


Tips + Tricks

  • When deciding what to grow, consider smaller plants. Smaller plants are generally easier to care for, and will get larger as you care for them. When planting allow room for the plant to grow and flourish, a crowded plant never grows to it’s full potential. Read the plant tags to gage how large it will grow. 
  • Using a fertilizer can ensure plants receive the nutrients that it is not getting from the soil, and can ensure that it grows to it’s maximum potential. 
  • Eggshells are a natural decomposer that are beneficial to the health of a plant and it’s soil. Eggshells contain calcium that helps build a healthy structure of the plant, ensuring it will live a long healthy life. Eggshells are also used to warn off many insects and pest to protect the plant, slugs and snails especially. 
  • When introducing potted plants, chose a pot that matches your style and aesthetic. To ensure proper drainage, make sure the pot has three or more holes at the bottom so the plant does not die prematurely from overwatering.

We hope these tips will help enhance your garden and landscape, and your plants stay healthy and grow to their full potential. Visit one of our stores to shop all our new products!

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