Repotting In 4 Easy Steps

1. Water your plant to soften the soil.

2. Place your old container on its side. Support the plant stem with your hand while tapping the pot to loosen the soil. Using a trowel, separate the soil from the inside edge of the pot. Carefully remove the plant from the pot with your hands.

3. Try to loosen the plant's roots with a trowel or your fingers. Using pruners, trim the loosened roots that are growing out of the core rootball so that you only have healthy roots to work with. Additionally, untangle the roots so that they grow outward. This will help the plant flourish in its new pot! 

4. Pour fresh potting mix into your new container to create a small mound at the bottom. Make sure that the plant is centered and upright and press it firmly in the container so the root crown rests about 1/2 inch below the rim of the pot. Add soil around the edges and press down with your fingers to remove air pockets. 

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