La Poterie De La Madeleine

This week we are featuring our gorgeous French Anduze pottery by La Poterie De La Madeline. The design of this pottery dates back to the early 1700's and originated in the Cevennes region of France. We have brought these illustrious symbols of French tradition and design to both of our locations and we couldn't be more excited!

Created by potters inspired by the Medicis, this pottery is iconic to French garden decor. Vincent and Guillaume Bimar started manufacturing their famous La Poterie De La Madeleine pottery back in the '80's. Their family is passionately involved in this ancestral trade that encompasses both tradition and modernity. It is a process that is true to history!

And as they have for hundreds of years, these beautiful pots are embellished by handcrafted garlands and medallions emblematizing the towns from which they originated. This year, along with the staple designs and colors, we have a beautiful selection of new natural finishes and modern silhouettes!

Our managing parters Greg + Laurie and our Creative Director Angela Hicks have been traveling to France for years shopping and buying pottery pieces. It is through their travels that Rolling Greens' relationship with La Poterie was formed, and so, each year we bring you the best that they have to offer, imported directly from their factory in Anduze, France.

The grandeur, craftsmanship and size of these elegant pots is truly something to behold. They make a stunning accent to any garden or home, and are guaranteed to become a part of your family tradition to pass on to the next generation. Stop by our Culver and Beverly locations to experience them for yourself!

Rolling Greens