It is hot, hot, HOT! This weather has us craving super clean, healthy foods, and now more than ever is the perfect time to try new, summer recipes that incorporate fresh herbs. Of course, going to the store to buy bunch of herbs is an easy option, however growing a little collection of your own is the number one way to guarantee optimal freshness! Not to mention, having an array of cute, potted herbs is an easy way to decorate your kitchen space. Continue reading for more tips on caring for a potted herb garden, and the best ways to utilize fresh herbs this summer!

Caring for a potted herb garden is simple enough, however it’s important to take necessary steps to ensure your herbs thrive in their environment. Things to remember include:

  • Using a pot that has holes at the bottom, or some type of drainage system (like a drip tray) that will allow excess moisture to drain away.
  • The right location is important for herbs, so make sure to check the specific directions on your plants tag. Most potted herbs will grow nicely in a sunny windowsill, however it’s important they don’t get too much direct sunlight, as that can shorten it’s productive life.
  • To get the most out of your foliage herbs, pruning and harvesting is essential. A key tip that many forget, is to always use clean shears while cutting your herbs, in order to minimize the potential for disease within the plant. This will keep your herb garden healthy and flourishing!

What’s just as exciting as deciding on what herbs to buy, is finding chic containers to place them in. Both our Los Angeles and Culver City locations offer a wide variety of pots and containers that would be perfect for planting herbs in, that double as decoration for your kitchen countertops!

Since herbs usually have a nice, vibrant green shade, planting them in a white, or neutral colored pot provides the perfect contrast (that will let the herb(s) steal the show!) On the contrary, finding a bold container with an interesting texture, or intense color is a fun option for any kitchen that is looking to get a little brighter!

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #RGatHome to share your potted, kitchen herb garden (and maybe get featured on our Instagram: @rollinggreens)! We can’t wait to see your beautiful creations! Have a great weekend! 


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