Indoor Plant Care

Image:  @amybartlam

Image: @amybartlam

The weather has been scorching lately, so we thought we’d go back inside for this week’s post. Today on the blog we’re talking about indoor plants! These guys are the perfect way to decorate  your space and incorporate nature into your home, however keeping them alive seems to be a common challenge among many. Read on to get some tips on how to take care of three plants you probably already have in your home!


The great thing about houseplants is that they can live just about anywhere, so the only big decision you’ll need to make is which tree will best match your home’s aesthetic. If you’d like your plant to live a nice long, lush, life, then our biggest tip is to put down the watering can. Indoor plants should not be watered more than once a week, and it’s important to note that the top of the soil should be completely dry before more water is poured. (Of course this varies from plant to plant, but as a general rule, keep  the watering to a minimum.


Usually potted flowers need ample water, however they should be allowed to gently dry out in between waterings. If you’re not sure if your flowers need water, poke your finger into the soil. If it feels wet let it be, and if it’s dry give it some water. You want your soil to be moist but not completely wet, so make sure not to drown the soil. On a similar note, it’s important to choose a pot that has good drainage (holes at the bottom of the pot). Another tip is to make sure you read the how much light your flowers actually needs. Some flowers do very well in direct sunlight, while others may thrive in a shadier area.



While succulents seem like an easy, go-to house plant, they actually require a bit more care than expected. Succulents generally require six hours of sunlight a day, however they can get sunburned if they’re placed in a spot where the light is too hot. On the contrary, if they aren’t getting enough light, they’ll start to stretch. Also, a helpful fact to know is that most succulents have a dormant period (usually in the winter months) where they don’t require as much water. Lastly, succulents thrive best in clay or cement pots as opposed to glass (terrarium) because like most other plants, they need adequate drainage.

We hope this post was a little helpful! Don’t forget to stop by any of our locations to pick up some indoor plants to brighten up your home.

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