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Our Summer Sale Event is taking place August 18th through September 2nd at our Culver City location. Enjoy up to 75% OFF of large containers, found items + antiques, furniture & more. This is the perfect time to start transitioning your home to fall decor or to replace old containers. Continue reading below to find out more about our exclusive items and how you can use them!


At Rolling Greens we are known for our luscious plants and succulent arrangements. However, our Culver City store is also a great place to shop for beautiful found items and antiques. Our Summer Sale features a vast selection of items like these antique chairs pictured above. The rustic and worn appearance of these chairs is perfect for the fall! Purchase a single chair as a corner piece and accent it with a cozy throw or buy a full set for your kitchen table. 


In addition to plants and furniture, our Summer Sale is also a great opportunity for customers looking to purchase unique containers. Heading into the fall is a great time to purchase containers because as you transition plants indoors you should make sure that your containers match your home decor. Look out for pieces that have a really interesting visual appeal like the pots pictured above. The striated texture and calming blue hue is a great way to add a pop of color and to liven up your interior! Or if you are looking for something different, try using a woven basket as a planter!  

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We hope that you enjoyed learning more about the items in our Summer Sale! Stop by to shop Monday through Saturday from 7:30AM–4PM.

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