10 Steps To Prepare Your Containers for Planting


1. Scrub the dirt from the inside and outside of your container using a wire brush until it is clean.

2. Soak the container overnight with warm water and soap.  

3. The next day, rinse the pot so that any remaining soap and dirt is removed.

4. If you are planting with a terra cotta pot, you should soak the container once more before you plant so that the clay retains more water. This will help your soil stay moist during the planting process.

5. Determine the location that you would like your pot to sit. Set the pot in that area because once it is filled with soil and plants, the pot will be difficult to move.  

6. If your container has drainage holes, you should set the pot on clay feet or bricks. This will allow air to circulate under the pot and will prevent containers from over-heating and drying. 

7. Over the top of the drainage hole, distribute gravel, screening, or broken pottery that you have laying around your garden. This will prevent the soil from washing away in the holes after watering but will still allow the water to drain properly. 

8. Fill your desired container with soil leaving at least half an inch of room at the top of the container.

9. Before planting, soak the soil using a garden hose or watering can.

10. After this initial watering, check beneath the container to make sure that the water is draining and that there is no soil escaping from the drainage holes.


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