Plants and succulents are a great way to add a touch of color and a more natural feel to your interior space. However, interior space is valuable and we don't always have room for a potted plant beside the sofa. A wall planter is a great solution for this problem because they provide a natural appearance while taking up minimal space.

Wall planters come in many shapes and sizes, from spherical ceramic planters to rectangular wooden planters. Succulents are often the best choice for this type of planter because they need little maintenance. Additionally, flatter succulents like the paddle plant are a great choice for this type of planter because they will will remain the most secure. Continue reading below for more tips and tricks on how to properly maintain your succulent wall planter!



  • Select your style of wall planter to match the interior design. A bright white ceramic wall planter is great for a more modern space. 
  • Ensure that your wall planter is situated on a wall that receives moderate sunlight. 
  • Place moss around the base of the wall planter as both a decorative tool and to retain moisture. 
  • For a more interesting look, try using three small wall planters and stagger their placement on your wall. 
  • If the soil appears dry, mist it with filtered water on a weekly basis.
  • Lightly water the soil in your planter on a monthly basis. 
  • If a succulent appears to be dying or if it is outgrowing the planter, remove the succulent from the arrangement.

We hope that these tips will help you in maintaining your succulent wall planter! Visit your local Rolling Greens store to learn more about our products and the services we provide.

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