How to Encourage Cacti to Bloom

Right now our Jefferson location is filled with beautiful cacti that are in full bloom! These beautiful flowers only bloom for 3-4 days out of the year, making them even more special. Continue reading below for tips and tricks on how to encourage your cactus to bloom at home.

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There are many factors that will effect whether or not your cactus will bloom including age and care.  Every cactus has a specific age at which it will begin to bloom. For some, this can take up to 30 years!  The best way to ensure that your cacti will flower this year is to purchase a plant that is already in bloom. 


Additionally, cacti will only bloom if they have the proper light conditions, watering, and fertilization. During the Spring and Summer months, or the growing season, cactus need maximum light and thrive in heat. The plant should be turned occasionally to ensure that it is receiving even light exposure. Additionally, the plant will need more water during this period. Prior to watering, ensure that the top two inches of soil are completely dry. The cactus should be fertilized during the growing period with a cactus specific fertilizer that will add phosphorus and potassium to the soil.  

During the Fall and Winter months, or the dormant period, cacti thrive best in a cool and dry environment. They should only be watered about once a month to prevent the plant from shriveling up. The cactus should be moved to a cooler location that still has plenty of light. 

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With the correct age and conditions, your cactus will bloom beautiful flowers in shades of white, pink, red, orange, yellow, or purple. Make sure to check out our wonderful selection of cacti and other plants at our Jefferson and Beverly locations

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