Fresh flowers are a wonderful way to liven up your home while simultaneously providing a personal touch. While an emphasis is often placed on arranging your pretty blooms, today we will be focusing on how to choose the right vase for your flowers. Continue reading below to discover how color, size, texture, and shape factor into selecting the proper vase. 

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The shape of your ideal vase is dependent upon both the rigidity, length, and diameter of your flower stems. A tall and cylindrical vase is best for flowers with tall stems such as roses, hydrangeas, and lillies.  A small spherical vase is perfect for flowers with rigid stems because they are able to stand straight in the vase creating a beautiful dome shape. A narrow necked vase works well with flowers that have a thin stem but large bud such as the peony. This type of vase will allow you to fit a large number of stems in the neck and the blooms will still appear full and will overflow over the opening of the neck. 

When selecting the size of your vase, you should consider the length of your stems. The length of your flower stems should be no more than 1.5-2 times the height of a vase. For instance, if your stems are 10 inches long, you will need a vase that is 5-7 inches high.



When selecting the perfect vase, you should ensure that the color will compliment the various hues your arrangement. A black, white, glass, or earth tone colored vase is often a good approach because neutral colored vases compliment the majority of floral arrangements. This potted orchid above demonstrates how the neutral black allows the vibrant purple color to shine through. However, the striated texture of the container provides a more interesting look. If you are opting for a neutral vase, try selecting a container that has an interesting texture.


We hope that this blog post will help you in selecting a container for your next floral arrangement. Stop by Rolling Greens to shop our wide selection of vases! 

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