Floral Design Ideas for Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is one of the most wonderful holidays of the year. Nothing is better than family and friends gathering around the table to enjoy delicious food and great conversation. Make your celebration all the more festive with a beautiful floral arrangement on your dinner table! Whether you opt for a tall bouquet, a cluster of small arrangements, or a long garland, keep reading below for some design ideas!

  • Try including seasonal fruit like pomegranates or wild blackberries into your arrangement! The bright orange kumquats in the garland above made by Francesca Blume are perfect for fall.
  • Carefully consider the color palate for your floral arrangement. Burnt oranges, vibrant reds, and rustic browns evoke a sense of warmth and comfort.
  • Incorporate nature into your table! Gather some colorful leaves and branches from around your neighborhood and combine with flowers. 
  • Pumpkins, squash, and other gourds look great dispersed throughout the table and will help to break up your floral arrangement. 
  • Go the traditional route with a flowery cornucopia arrangement. However, make your cornucopia unique by adding stalks of wheat, dried flowers, or candles!

We hope that these ideas have been helpful and will inspire you to create a beautiful floral arrangement for your dinner table. Happy Thanksgiving from the Rolling Greens team!

Rolling Greens