Falling into Autumn at Rolling Greens!

Summer is seriously over, although the weather in SoCal refuses to believe it! Nonetheless, our extremely talented Visual team has been hard at work transforming the stores to capture all essences of Autumn. We're falling for this season's beautiful color palettes & cozy decor!  Our Los Angeles & Culver City locations have transformed into unique & beautiful spaces capturing all the warm hues & decor of Fall. Won't you fall into Autumn with us?

IMG_9704 copy IMG_9722 copy_MG_6623 copy You can still capture the essence of Fall with a light color palette! Fresh neutral tones of Fall colors are great for transitioning from Summer. Window panes make great backdrops for vignettes in any space. We love the mix of urns, light-colored pumpkins, and florals. It's all very feminine & earthy!

IMG_9727 copy IMG_9747 copyIMG_6595

Heading in the direction of a cool color palette? You can definitely still sweep Autumn off it's feet! We love this deep blue color on the walls that grounds the entire space. Deep, dark wood & iron accents give just enough warmth without overpowering the cool side of the color wheel.  Purple, green, and shades of ivory are perfect accent colors! Candles in varying heights are impactful, yet so easy!

IMG_9755 copy IMG_9761 copy_MG_6443 copy

Fun rusted red! This is such an inviting color and display. An ornate mirror opens up a smaller space and brings in a bit of light.  Rusty tin containers and stone add an earthy feel.

IMG_9773 copy IMG_9779 copy

Mix up neutral walls with pops of color! Bright pumpkins, fall florals, and worn containers definitely do the trick.  Try a monochromatic look with your florals & pumpkins for an innovative twist!

_MG_6462 copy _MG_6492 copyIMG_9798 copy

  We love these cherub statues! They make a perfect piece for any garden or worked into a home. You can still work in white to your Fall palette, too. These lanterns are a great piece and will warm up any chilly evening!

IMG_9687 copyIMG_9838 copy IMG_9845 copy

The quickest way to fall into Autumn? With the amazing, colorful florals in dreamy Fall hues. Quickly switch out your flowers with tones on the warm side of the color palette. An instant update, that's for sure!

IMG_9983 copy IMG_9979 copy IMG_9976 copy

Fall Romantics are always a favorite! Warm lights create a deliciously cozy atmosphere.

IMG_9974 copy IMG_9947 copy

One of our favorite tables at our Beverly store! Vibrant greens, oranges, and mustard yellow create a pretty palette that is anything but standard.

IMG_9961 copy IMG_9955 copy IMG_9950 copy

Bright pumpkins are a must with mixed floral arrangements & glass bottles! We love the contrast of colors and unexpected teal-blue that lends a hand to creating a Boho vibe. We hope you stop by our stores to shop our new Fall Decor & take a wander around to experience falling into Autumn with us!