Fall Decor Fun

Looking to dress up your doorstep for Fall? Here are a few fabulous and fun ideas to capture the season and illuminate your unique outdoor space.

What color is your pumpkin? The best part about Fall is the range of bold, natural colors that it brings. From deep reds and burnt oranges to rich yellows and earthy greens. We are inspired by the natural color palette!

three set

In creating your Fall décor ensemble, consider which color pumpkins you want to use. Combine bold colored pumpkins in various bright hues or keep the look more neutral with a monotone grouping of white or slightly off-white pumpkins.



To add height to your décor you can place plants, dried, or artificial flowers in a tall container. Instead of placing pumpkins directly on the ground, layer them in a rustic wood box or crate. Place a few taller pumpkins behind or around to make the look more organic. Remember that odd numbers rule. Whenever using multiples of the same object odd numbers in differing heights always look best.

backyard-set 2

Terra cotta pots make a great non-traditional accent piece for your Fall décor. These cuties are the perfect color to accompany any ensemble. Place a candle inside and watch them glow. Line along a pathway or place in a grouping for dramatic effect.


Lastly, illuminate your unique outdoor space with a beautiful wooden lantern. These cylindrical lanterns come in three sizes making them a perfect match for various sized pillar candles. Group them on an entryway for a stunning décor arrangement that will look great from day until night. Use a single lantern on an outdoor table top to illuminate the space with a warm, soft glow.

Fall is one of our very favorite seasons of the year and we are constantly inspired by the beautiful natural colors around us.  What inspires you?