The Effortless Tillandsia.

Striking, alluring, and effortless! Tillandsias, also referred to as air plants, are one of our favorites at Rolling Greens and this week we're celebrating their stunning blooms & leaves. They're a species that can adapt to fit anyone's style and are incredibly easy to maintain (which we know everyone loves!)

tillandsia_1 tillandsia_2

 Tillandsia's are Epiphytes, which means they do not require soil in order to grow.  They collect moisture & nutrients through their leaves and use their roots to anchor themselves to their habitat. This makes them really versatile in terms of how you would like to display them. 

tillandsia_3 tillandsia_4

They love natural, bright indirect light. You can place them in direct sunlight, but be careful at how long you expose them as they do tend to burn and dry up.  Watering can be tricky! Just submerge in 1-2 gallons of water and soak for about 10 minutes once a week. Be very careful not to overwater because they will swell up and cause cell damage.


Tillandsia need a fresh flow of air as well, so be sure to find an area with good ventilation. If your air plant turns brown or being to shrivel, it most likely need to water it more frequently, such as every five days.  If it becomes limp or droopy, they need more natural light. Nonetheless, these beautiful plants look great whether settled in a piece of driftwood or hanging in a glass terrarium. Stop by either of our locations to shop from our selection!