Dressing up your Plants for Halloween


The seasons are changing and fall is here. The best part of fall is getting in the holiday spirit. Creating floral arrangements, or adding little pieces of decor around the house remind us that it is time to start celebrating! 

With Halloween just around the corner, it is time to start sprucing up your garden for the festivities. We have included some decor tips below, which will help you bring alive the holiday in your home and garden. Continue reading below for some decorating tips + ideas!

IMG_5809 (3).jpg
  • What feels more like Halloween than pumpkins? Using pumpkins instead of vases for plants like succulents or fresh flowers is the perfect way to get into the fall spirit. You can use a fresh pumpkin or purchase a ceramic one.
  • Dark tones create a very mysterious feel in any arrangement. Adding elements like a black vase or incorporating darker colored flowers can spruce up a bouquet.

  • The combination of purple and orange flowers bring a fun spooky aesthetic. You can tie these colors in with a Day of the Dead skull or other Halloween decor.

  • Fill a glass vase with mini pumpkins-you can choose between white, orange, or a combination of both! This is a simple way to bring fall indoors.



We hope this helps you get in the holiday spirit. If you need more help, we are hosting a pumpkin succulent arrangement workshop on October 22nd. Bring your friends, and let’s all get into the Halloween spirit together!

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