DIY: Mounted Staghorn Ferns

This may be one of our favorite DIYs yet - and not just because you get to play with a staple gun. For our July learn + grow workshop, we had so much fun making pairs of Mounted Staghorn Ferns using recycled coffee bean bags and wooden plaques at our LA location! We love how these pieces are subtle and natural, yet make such a statement in any room - and they're simple to make, too! Read on for a step-by-step guide on making your own, and check out some photos from this fun workshop with Alex Michael May & Mel Denisse

Mounted Staghorn Ferns


  • wooden plaque
  • sawtooth hanger
  • landscaping fabric
  • burlap
  • staghorn fern
  • soil
  • sheet moss
  • staples + staple gun


STEP ONE: Secure your sawtooth hanger to the back of your wooden plaque to establish a top.  This will also allow you to hang your piece easily right after you complete it.

STEP TWO: Next, cut enough of the landscape fabric and burlap to completely encase your staghorn fern. Your landscape fabric should be doubled since it will be folded in half. We suggest making each cut a little bigger than you think necessary, since the fabric will be wrapped around the fern.

STEP THREE: Now, take out your fern from its plastic container and gently shake off any excess soil. Take a small amount of sheet moss and submerge in water. Take it out and squeeze any excess water. Wrap the moss around your fern and place in the landscaping fabric.

STEP FOUR: Next, use your landscaping fabric to make a "pouch" around the fern. Then cover the pouch in burlap and place onto the center of the plaque.

STEP FIVE: Using your staple gun, staple all around the fern into the plaque. It may take a lot of staples, so don't worry if you feel like you just keep stapling away!

STEP SIX: After you are finished stapling, trim off the excess burlap and landscaping fabric. Use another portion of damp sheet moss to add to the top of the fern to cover any visible soil.

STEP SEVEN: Hang your new mounted staghorn fern! We made one large and one small to pair together, but you can make however many you want, of any size!


WATER: You can either mist or soak your Mounted Staghorn Fern. If misting, mist the entire plant, focusing on the underside of the antler fronds and the shield fronds. To soak, place the staghorn plant-side down in a basin or sink full of room-temperature water large enough to hold the entire plaque. Soak the plant for 10-20 minutes, or until the root-ball is saturated. Alternately, place the plaque in a sink or bathtub tap, and allow room temperature water to run through the root ball until saturated. Allow your plant to drip dry before rehanging. A good rule of thumb is to water once per week in dry, hot times of year, and once every 2-3 weeks during cooler months. If your space is really humid, it does not need to be watered as frequently. Less light and less heat = less watering!

LIGHT: Staghorn Ferns need bright, indirect or diffused light to thrive, though they must be protected from the harsh rays of the direct sun. A great place to put your staghorn fern is the brightest space in the home where they will not take direct sun. Rooms with southern and eastern exposures tend to be best, through unobstructed north windows will do. Western light is fine, but be careful, as this afternoon light tends to be hot and harsh.