DIY: Creating A Textured Wall

Our hard-working visual team never ceases to amaze us (and the community!) with their newest installations that transform the walls of each store. There has been some major changes made to our Los Angeles location and we can’t wait to unveil it all!

The past week, our visual merch team was hard at work turning around the appearance of this massive wall. Our teal frame gallery wall is now an aged wall full of character and tons of texture.


The frames were removed to create a bare canvas. No need to prep the wall here; the more imperfections, the better.

IMG_9289 Working in sections, they  added  plaster in different directions and thicknesses to add dimension. In between layers, they would dab on smaller sections of a dark brown and smudge the wet paint with either kraft paper or a piece or burlap.

IMG_9291 Throughout the layering process, sand paper was used alongside kraft paper and burlap to deconstruct layers of plaster resulting in tons of texture and distressed appeal.


IMG_9302 After adding, subtracting, smudging, and painting; these girls have created a new wall full of charisma ready to be turned into a display at our Los Angeles store! This wall would complement any garden as a backdrop for unique pots and containers.

Over the next few weeks we will be taking you through each of our uniquely designed shop areas in the store; stay tuned for another blog this Thursday to kick off the tour!