Design Tips with Paul Heintz

We are extremely passionate about collaborating with local creatives, which is why we feel so lucky to live in a community full of creative and innovative people! We work closely with interior designers on a daily basis and are constantly inspired by their vision to bring indoor pieces and plants together to create the perfect home oasis. We recently hosted our friend Paul Heintz, an LA-based Interior Designer, for an Instagram takeover, and wanted to share his tips with you here too!

"When accessorizing a space, I love using plants as accent pieces. There’s nothing better than a large scale, yet low-maintenance, sculptural succulent in a contemporary entry or a large fiddle leaf fig standing tall in a bright mid-century inspired living room. Choosing fabrics and plants is really all about taste and aesthetic. The great thing about incorporating plants into your space is that they fit seamlessly into any palette. They’ll always compliment the colors and textures you choose to surround yourself with! Be more selective about the container or pot the plant will sit it. If you pick that like you would a piece of furniture, you’re headed in the right direction!"

"The charming colors and geometric shapes of these pots make them easy and versatile to move around any home. Just make sure you choose a location that gets plenty of light! I think this grouping would look great on a bedside table beneath a vintage graphic poster or supporting your favorite farm-to-table cookbooks on an open shelf in the kitchen. At my house we keep more plants than we have room for! In the kitchen, feel free to pop your favorite herb into a whimsical container to make cooking a snap! My top kitchen herb is Rosemary, what's yours?"

vsco-photo-2 (10) (1).jpg

"The best part of mixing and matching the containers at the Trio Workshop with Rolling Greens was each person was able to create the perfect mixture for their home. Pots and containers should be considered a design element and are a great way to add a little personality to your space. You can let the plant be the star with a simple pot or inject some fun with a brightly colored or heavily textured container. For an instant centerpiece when entertaining, consider mixing multiple small containers together. Get playful! A bonus to that: you could easily send everyone home with one as a gift. It’s a win win!"

"Here's a sneak peak of my home! Succulents and air plants are a perfect fit for low maintenance garden lovers like myself. They are key for bringing the outdoors in to help make a California home feel cozy and inviting. And really, you can’t incorrectly mix and match. They all play extremely well together… basically making it a no-brainer! I’d love to see some ways you are mixing and matching your indoor plants."

Huge thanks to Paul for hosting a wonderful workshop with us, and sharing these tips for beautiful design! Visit us at either location to choose the perfect plants to accent your home design.