Decorating With Potted Plants

One well known trick every designer knows is that plants are one of the best ways to elevate, or set the tone in a space. But how do they do it? We talked to one of our talented, resident baristas to get the best ideas when it comes to decorating with a potted plant. Continue reading to learn tips and tricks about matching your plants to their containers!

How To Pick Your Plant And Container

  • The first step is to pick whichever plant or container/pot speaks to you first, and let that dictate what you pair with it.


  • Balance between your plant and container is very important, so keep in mind that contrast is key!
  • For instance, if you are going to chose a textured plant that is very busy looking, you might consider pairing it with a simple, sleek container in order for the plant to really steal the show. On the other hand, if you chose a rather ornate container that you want to stand out, pick a plant with a modern silhouette, that stands straight up, or is one color.


  • Another thing to remember that you can always prop your plant up in whatever container you choose with foam bricks or plastic liners, so there’s no need to worry if your plant doesn’t fit perfectly at first. 
  • Figure out beforehand the size of the space you need to fill, and the position it should be in, so when you're searching for your plant and container you know what size you need.


  • Lastly, finishing touches such as moss, gravel, stone etc, can really elevate the look of your potted plant. Sometimes picking your topper is just as important as picking the container and the plant itself! It can really set the tone for the arrangement!

Good luck, and don't forget to tag #RGatHome so we can see what beautiful creations you come up with! 

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