Learn + Grow Darling Duo Workshop

On Sunday, February 12, we brought Valentine's Day to Rolling Greens with our learn + grow Darling Duo Workshop. Mothers and their daughters, friends, couples and plant-lovers arrived at our LA location, ready to take on the day. Our special guests and hosts included Jaclyn Johnson, founder of online entrepreneurial platform Create & Cultivate, and her fiancé David. 

Our wonderful amenities from our event included refreshing drinks from our sponsor, Caliwater, originators of the prickly pear cactus-based beverage, sweet, colorful treats from bakeshop Sweet & Divine by Emmaline and a mini mani bar provided by Can Can Parleur, an organic boutique spa.

Our mission was to bring our participants together while educating them on the basics of planting their own succulent arrangements. Lead by our crafty Arrangement Bar Baristas, the workshop included one container, two 4" and 3" succulents, tools, soil, gravel and a topper. Those that arrived individually received one container while couples were able to take home a matching duo of arrangements to display side-by-side.

Participants were first instructed to place soil at the bottom of their containers in preparation for adding in the succulents. Each succulent was to be removed from its original pot, and roots cleaned of excess soil. The succulents were then planted into the soil, one by one, and topped with gravel and moss. The gravel and moss both held the succulents in place and doubled as unique, modern decorative elements. When necessary, miniature wire clippings were used to hold the moss in place, and tools such as metal clippers were used to remove any dead leaves or excess root material from the arrangements. Lastly, any leftover debris on the arrangements was carefully removed with compressed air and brushes.

Our guests left with their hearts, bellies and arrangements full. Brimming with fresh succulents, no arrangement was entirely alike with so many different varieties to choose from. It was a pleasure inviting our participants to our space, where they could celebrate their love and creativity, make new friends, and explore their passion for crafting and gardening. We look forward to having you join our next workshop - stay tuned for our March announcement!

Rolling Greens