Color of the Year

Despite the flood of millennial pink that has painted your Instagram feed for what seems like eternity, we have recently discovered the color of the year is actually green, more specifically Pantone’s “Greenery”. Yes, we’re biased, but who wouldn’t be knowing greenery, a refreshing and revitalizing yellow-green shade, symbolizes new beginnings, as well as the pursuit of personal spirit? This color is a nature’s neutral, making it the perfect addition to any home. Read on to learn how to gloss more “color of the year” into your life!

Photo by @erinnvstyle

Photo by @erinnvstyle

Photo by  @jessicaajones

While your Pinterest boards may be filled with home decor inspo for summer, instead of repainting the living room in a regrettable Orion Blue, save yourself the money (and time) by incorporating actual greenery throughout your home. Filling an empty corner with lush, leafy plants will not only provide cleaner air throughout your house, but will completely change your environment and enhance your home aesthetic. As we are continuously surrounded by modern technology and industrial elements, the benefits of incorporating natural life, movement, and beauty into our everyday lives is essential.

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Rolling Greens