Charming Notelets

Did you know Valentine’s Day wasn’t romance related until Europeans deemed it so in the 18th century? February 14th marked the start of birds’ mating season, literally putting romance in the air. We blame the birds for making it so confusing on how to pick the best gift for our loved ones.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we began to realize it’s pretty darn difficult figuring out how to confess your love to that special someone. No need for lengthy, love-oozing cards; we like ‘em short, sweet, and saucy!


Nothing like Chihuahua kisses! (Besos, that is.)


My bed is your bed; If you’re feeling particularly spicy & brave.


Just spit it out with this card: I really want you.


Many Kisses makes up for a lack of any long love note.


You are my sunshine, perfectly accompanies an ombre stem & tiny trinket.

Whether you're a daring doter this Valentine's Day or just like a little bit of humor, a card from this selection is sure to make your Valentine crack a smile. Stop by our Los Angeles location to pick up your favorite!