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Unique Vessels for Spring

RG Culver City-1310 We tend to put a lot of focus on the plants when talking about redecorating and plantscaping for Spring, but we can't forget about what you put the plants in!  The vessels you choose are just as important as the plants, both aesthetically and practically speaking. We are crushing on unique vessels this spring, with a diverse mix of size, materials, colors and shapes at our Culver City location!

RG Culver City-1195

Unless you plan on using faux florals, it's important to think about proper drainage, size, and shape for the location and type of plant you have in mind for the vessel. Any of our team members will happily assist you in picking the right fit for your needs. Once you have that set, you can move on to style!

RG Culver City-1208 RG Culver City-1200 RG Culver City-1217

Are you looking for a monochrome look, or something more colorful for summer? Fun & unique details like the skulls pictured above, or something more classic? Join us to pick something small to brighten up your desk, or large statement pieces for your back deck or patio. The beautiful white-dipped baskets below are one of our most versatile pieces for spring, with so many uses both indoor and out!

RG Culver City-1222

Join us in store to pick out your unique vessels, or join us at next month's Hand Lettering + Herb Planting Workshop to create your own hand lettered terra cotta pots for growing herbs!

Succulent Installation: STRIIIKE

RG_striiike_03 The official start of Spring is just a few weeks away, and our busy season has just begun! As we all look forward to longer days filled with sunshine (and hopefully some rain), many people are ready to revamp their yards and outdoor living spaces for the year - especially here in Southern California, where summer begins early and ends late. Today we're sharing a fun, colorful succulent installation our team recently did for the gorgeous STRIIIKE Salon.


STRIIIKE came to us wanting more of a "Palm Springs" look in what was then a very dark corridor. We knew that simply by removing the overgrown (and in some places dead) plant material, they’d already see a vast improvement, but we took it a step further. The white rocks brightened the space, and a simple ribbon of green/grey/purple succulents gave a sweet interest to the space.


In keeping with our mission to save water at every installation we do, we laid down drip irrigation directly around our plantings. Separator fabric went down next, to keep the soil from splashing up onto the bright rocks.





Overall, this was a small installation, but the difference in the before and after photos makes it clear exactly how much a change in landscape can add to a space. If you're looking to add some color to your space for spring, check out our Landscape page for more info or email!


How to properly care for your terrarium

Optimized-arrangement_bar_image1Terrariums are one of the hottest trends of home decor. They’re unique shapes and neat appearance make them extremely appealing. You can hang them from patios, put them on a coffee table, or in a bathroom. They can be filled with all sorts of different plants. Although these trendy arrangements are beautiful you have to know how to properly care for them or they won’t be beautiful for long. So we asked our expert baristas at The Arrangement Bar for some tips. Watering and lighting

Watering and the type of light your terrarium needs will obviously depend on the plants that are inside of it. With that said:

When watering remember that because terrariums do not have a drainage system it’s easier to put too much water in them, which can end up causing the plants to rot and die. Continuing…


The desert terrarium:

Our barista  Jeaneth working her magic

If your terrarium is filled with plants of the desert species such as cacti and succulents then they will need to be watered every 2-3 weeks, this also depends on the heat of where they are living. Check the soil before watering, if it is completely dry make sure to lightly saturate the roots with water, but do not flood the terrain. Our barista Jeaneth recommends watering them once every 8 days if they are placed where they receive little light. However,  These do best on a kitchen windowsills and bright rooms.

Tillandsia terrariums:

Usually, we do not recommend spraying your terrarium with a spray bottle because that will only wet the flowering top and not get into the soil. However, it is recommended to spray a terrarium if it is filled with the air plant, tillandsia. If you have a tillandsia filled terrarium water it once a week with a spray bottle. To avoid leaving residue on the glass of a tillandsia terrarium take the tillandsia out of the glass to spray it, let dry, and place back into the container. These plants live longest in the bathroom or kitchen were they can get some humidity and the proper amount of light.

f99d19b07d979d612147821b52555f7cA few more tips and tricks:

If you would like to place your terrariums outside they must be in complete shade, under a well covered patio would be best.

A 10 inch water dropper is also a great way to water your terrariums, they get into the root and will not leave residue on the glass.

Have a pair of long-tip scissors to trim dead leaves, it's important to trim your plant so it can continue to grow.


We hope this has been helpful, if you have any more questions or concerns regarding the care of your terrarium comment below!

Drought Tolerant: A palette of California friendly plantings

We say forget what you think you know! Drought tolerant doesn't have to be dull, colorless, or boring. We believe the beauty is in the details. With the lack of water available due to the five year drought California has placed many restrictions on watering your garden. Luckily for us our talented team knows how to re-imagine your environments from planted container gardens, to sprawling backyards and large commercial installations. Drought tolerant gardening will provide lower water usage and reduced maintenance. And who doesn't love beautiful backyards that are easy upkeep? drought tolerant landscape

You might object to the idea of saying “au revoir" to your traditional lush green grass, as many people do. However, the experts at Rolling Greens know the vast amount of plants that are California friendly. There’s a number of plants that can survive even the hottest of summers. Many drought tolerant plants might even surprise you, we’re looking at you lavender and rosemary!

bottlebrush plant

kangaroo paw

aloe ferox


There is many trends that implement drought friendly gardening, one of our favorites is planted container gardens. It’s organized and extremely easy to maintain. Not to mention our shelves are busting with pots and planters of all shapes, sizes, and styles. If you need some inspiration check out our friends at Garden Design .

Creating your drought tolerant oasis isn't difficult and is an opportunity for a refreshed landscape or commercial property. Don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest to fuel your creative mind.

Our Winter Garden!

Have you taken a stroll through our winter garden at our Culver City store?!Corners + nooks filled with beauty... and better yet beauty that you can take back to create your own idyllic garden!

IMG_7125 Lavender is always a favorite! While it can create a lovely filler in your garden it also serves many purposes! It is great for culinary use, as well as it serving a medicinal use! Not to mention it is just so lovely!

IMG_7132 You can also find this lovely gem! From the polygala family, this fringed beauty is sometimes referred to as the "petite butterfly" for it's unique blooming shape!

IMG_7134 Another blooming favorite is the Leptospermum. Stunning shrubs that you can find blooming with white, pink or red petals!

IMG_7136 Also in our gardens you can find some of our succulent faves! Like this Sedum Angelina! These striking golden-yellow leaves that develop a beautiful cascading habit if they are planted in a pot, can add a bright touch to your garden!

IMG_7142 IMG_7139 You can find several different variations of succulents in our gardens as well as a large array of plants suited for every season, garden type or better yet your unique vision!

Our knowledgeable staff can guide you to find the perfect plants + pots for your home!