Fragrant soaps and candles have become an important role in the daily routine for many people. Shoppers often opt for a scent that appeals the most to their senses. But do you know where the scent comes from? Or understand the benefits behind each smell? Keep reading below to learn more about the benefits of apothecary.

Essential oils are created by distilling raw plant material over water and are then placed in items like diffusers, candles, and soaps. Often used in beauty care and aromatherapy, oils like lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree, are an important part of self-care. All essential oils benefit the body because they are packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. However, each essential oil serves a specific purpose. 


If you find yourself loosing focus throughout the work day, try lighting a candle with Bergamot oil to boost your concentration. Looking to elevate your mood? Rose oil is the way to go. This scent is said to instantly boost your happiness and relieve depressive thoughts. For those that experience excess stress or anxiety, lavender oil is the perfect solution. Try adding a lavender diffuser to your bedside table for a relaxing evening. When combined with peppermint, lavender oil is also a great remedy for minor headaches. Next time you are experiencing a headache, try lighting a lavender and peppermint candle to relieve your pain.


Experiencing a breakout? Try applying tee tree oil as an instant spot treatment. For those looking to add a little volume or to regain strength in their hair, adding rosemary oil to your conditioner will help. If you find yourself with unwanted food cravings, using a cinnamon oil diffuser or candle that will help balance your blood sugar and reduce unnecessary snacking. 

Whether you prefer a bar of soap, burning candle, diffuser, or body spray, there are many different ways to incorporate essential oils into your daily routine. Stop by Rolling Greens to shop our wide selection of apothecary products! 

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