All About Pinterest: Greg's Page!


Rolling Greens Owner, Greg Salmeri, is infatuated with Pinterest. We're seriously not kidding! But as a creative mastermind who is bursting at the seams with innovative ideas, we definitely understand why! Pinterest has become an inspiration source for us; there's no shortage of inspiring photos and concepts that keep sparking up something new! Greg's page encompasses everything from dreamy landscapes to dramatic details that he might be thinking about for a new project or advertisement. Whatever he's pinning, it's always something stunning enough to drool over

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Greg's page features boards like Home Decor, Landscape, Furniture Refinishing, and Greenhouses. He recently created boards with a color theme that have some amazing pins & photos! Pins of chandelier crystals & hanging lanterns are currently popping up in his Advertisements board, while deep, dark florals consume Purple. We have a special love for his Home Decor board, there is always a stunning vignette or room we want all to ourselves!

page2GregsPinterest4GregsPinterest5The praise goes on and on about Greg's amazing pins! His recent Landscape finds are definitely a push to get out into the fresh air and add a new spin on a garden's design. Another love of Greg's? Patterns! His page is filled with amazing pattern finds, from wallpaper to prints of artwork and even more. A gold & blackDamask print is an absolute must!

Want to be just an inspired as the rest of us? Be sure to follow Greg on Pinterest!