A Summer Picnic

Perfect weather calls for an outside adventure and that means there's no better excuse for a perfect Summer picnic. We're big fans of taking a great meal outdoors and into the Summer sunshine. We've got the perfect recipe on the simple goods you'll need for your outing; whether you're out in your backyard or abroad in the park! Scroll to the bottom of this post for the recipe!

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SP_3 copy SP_2 copyIngredients:  - 1 stack of 3-4 textured white plates, for serving cheese alongside bread - 3-4 indigo blue linens, for contrast against the lovely white plates - 3-4 crystal glasses, for serving lemonade & mimosas - A crisp white blanket - Muted teal bowls for fresh, Summer-ripened fruit - Assorted dishes such as: quiches, arugula salad, caprese sandwiches - Complimenting salt & pepper shakers, for an extra dash of flavor - Summer sunshine!

Recipe Start by prepping all of your gourmet goodies and pack them for transportation; don't forget an ice pack if your items need to keep cool! Roll up your white blanket and tie with twine to keep it from unraveling. Stock your pantry basket or tote bag with plates, linens, glasses, bowls, & all of your gourmet necessities. Head to your perfect outdoor destination, lay out your blanket and unpack your basket of goodies! Mix & match using plates and bowls to showcase your food; share a great drink in a crystal glass!

Pssst! 4th of July is just two weeks away! This is the perfect setting for an early afternoon party, or a romantic setting for two. Don't forget the sunblock!