A Life in the Cottage

Our Cottage Gardener Shop has been an inspiration to move outside and into the garden; featuring brown terracotta pots, aged clay containers, and an amazing mixture of vintage metals. If you saw on the blog last week, we showed you how to create a textured wall;  that same wall has been transformed by our Visual Team into an amazing space. The essence of this charming cottage decor has been inspiring many guests who visit to get a little dirty and start their spring planting!


A suspended ladder over a workplace serves as an instant hook; hang watering cans and tools or even pots & pans!

IMG_7375 copy

Hang a rustic birdhouse house this spring's lovely feathered friends.


Spruce up your standard flower garden by swapping plain pots with these vintage inspired metal flower garden containers.


Bird of a feather;  detailed cement accents add structure to your garden while still keeping a whimsical ambience.


We can't get enough of silk florals! If you aren't ready to commit to fresh cuts, these pretty stems stay in bloom all year long and won't make a mess.


Worn paint on an outdoor white bench creates character and makes a perfect compliment to  your spring blooms.


Mini terracottas are too cute to pass up-- pot smaller blooms in vibrant colors to create contrast.


Clay pots, terracottas, and tin.. what will you plant your spring garden in?!


Thanks to our Cottage Gardener collection, we're prepped and ready to go for gardening season! From containers to the most charming of garden accents, we can't wait to place these rustic and worn pieces into our spaces.

Which piece was your favorite from this collection? Stop by our Los Angeles location to see more from the transformation and to shop the collection!