Freshen Up with these 6 Unique Soaps

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1. Icelandic Moss by Kalastyle

Not only does this soap smell amazing, it also has many benefits for the skin. Indulge in scents of warm sage, earthy green moss, and fresh lemon while moisturizing your damaged or dry skin. Icelandic Moss also has wonderful antiseptic properties that help clear acne-prone skin.

2. Angelica Herb by Kalastyle

Looking to clear your skin? The Angelica Herb Soap by Kalastyle is the perfect cleanser for you. Not only does Angelica Herb make the skin heal faster, it is also helps to prevent future breakouts. The herb also has many benefits for the body like relieving inflammation, treating eczema, and soothing the skin.

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3. Sea Salt Soap by Kalastyle 

This soap will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth all day long! The sea salt works as an all natural exfoliant while the sustainable palm and coconut oils leave the skin silky smooth. 

4. Lemon Ginger

This is the perfect soap for those looking for anti-aging benefits and an even skin tone! Enjoy the fresh lemon scent while reaping the revitalizing benefits of ginger. Not only does ginger help even skin tone, it also has forty antioxidant properties that improve skin elasticity and protect against aging.  

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5. Modern Wash™ Coffee Soap

Looking for an extra burst of energy in the mornings? This is the perfect soap for you! The Coffee Soap has ground beans that are loaded with antioxidants and combat fine lines and puffy skin. 

6. Modern Wash™ Avocado Soap

We all know that avocado is a superfood packed full of vitamins like potassium, vitamin E, and magnesium. Why not take share these benefits with your skin? Next time you hop in the shower, use this rich and creamy soap on your body and face for a vibrant and energizing result.

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